Improve facial harmony with nasal surgery
Many people feel unhappy about the natural features of their nose or wish to restore its shape after an injury. The nose is a prominent feature of the face, and you are not alone if it’s a feature that makes you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, at W Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sarah and Vanessa Wong offer Rhinoplasty, an operation to enhance the appearance of the nose while maintaining your natural, true identity.

Could this procedure be
right for you?

A W Plastic Surgery consultation is the best way to determine if you are a good candidate for Rhinoplasty. Ideally, patients seeking this surgery are in good health, do not smoke, and do not have any medical conditions that could affect their healing. If you feel that enhancing the shape, size or projection of the nose would improve your function or self-confidence, this surgery may be right for you.

How is this procedure performed?

During a Rhinoplasty, Dr. Sarah and Vanessa Wong can use techniques to remodel the skin, bone and cartilage of the nose. There are many ways that the nose can be enhanced, and the methods used during your surgery will be chosen based on your aesthetic goals.

During rhinoplasty surgery, the following enhancements can be made:

The incisions used during Rhinoplasty are hidden along the creases of the nose and septum to completely conceal the fact that surgery has taken place.
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Throughout 20+ years in aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Vanessa Wong have always been passionate about using their skills to impart a lasting, positive impact on the lives of their patients. With a feminine vision and understanding, they bring unique compassion and empathy to every procedure they perform.


When do you see the results?

The results of your rhinoplasty can be seen immediately but will improve over a 6-week recovery period to reveal final results. Patients feel more confident in their appearance and benefit from achieving their desired nasal profile. A more refined nose shape brings better proportions and balance to the face, leaving our patients with a natural and harmonious look.