Define and Sculpt Your Chest
The enlarged breast tissue that results from gynecomastia can be very troubling for men and difficult to address without surgery. Despite exercise and weight loss efforts, many men with enlarged breast tissue remain unhappy. While this condition is commonly seen among men of all ages, it can affect one’s self-esteem and confidence as a firm, smooth chest contour is a key characteristic of the male physique. Fortunately, gynecomastia surgery at W Plastic Surgery is an effective treatment option to address excess or enlarged breast tissue in the male patient.

Could this procedure be
right for you?

A W Plastic Surgery consultation is the best way to determine if you are a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery. Ideal candidates present with enlarged breasts that tend to have a feminine look. Surgery for this condition is indicated if it affects your self-confidence and you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Men undergoing this surgery should be at their target weight and in good physical and mental health.

How is this procedure performed?

Gynaecomastia surgery, also known as a male breast reduction, may remove excess fatty tissue, breast tissue and excess skin from a man’s chest. The surgical technique depends on the degree of excess breast tissue a patient has.

For some men with minor gynecomastia, liposuction to remove excess tissue may be enough to achieve their desired results. Liposuction involves tiny incisions, approximately 1 cm long, that becomes easily concealable after surgery.

In cases where it is necessary to remove the glandular component of the breast, an incision will be made just under the areola to access the tissue behind the nipple. In more severe cases of gynecomastia, it may be necessary to remove excess skin as well. The required incision lines will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Sarah and Vanessa Wong.

Throughout 20+ years in aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Vanessa Wong have always been passionate about using their skills to impart a lasting, positive impact on the lives of their patients. With an artistic vision and understanding, they bring unique compassion and empathy to every procedure they perform.


When do you see the results?

Results from your gynecomastia surgery are visible immediately following surgery. Some swelling may be present, meaning your final result won’t be visible until after your full recovery. A firmer, smoother chest contour will be seen and can impact the way your clothing fits across the chest. Many men feel more confident and masculine after having this surgery, improving their self-esteem and body image.