Achieve fuller natural looking breasts
We understand that for many women, feeling confident and vibrant goes hand in hand with achieving their best looks. By increasing breast size and adjusting your shape, a breast augmentation can make you feel more feminine and proportional. Dr. Sarah and Vanessa Wong can help you achieve a natural, elegant, or dramatic breast enhancement using various techniques, surgical expertise and their artistic eye for physical beauty.

Could this procedure be
right for you?

If you’re looking to balance your figure, restore confidence, or perhaps look and feel more feminine, a breast augmentation could be right for you. Good candidates for this surgery are in good health and wish to enhance and enlarge their breasts. While a breast augmentation can yield beautiful results, if you are concerned about sagging, or deflated breasts, this may not be the only procedure that is right for you. A breast lift may also help you achieve your desired look and can be performed alone or in combination with your breast augmentation.

How is this procedure performed?

Unlike many surgeons with a one-size-fits-all approach to breast enhancement, Dr. Vanessa and Sarah Wong will analyze your overall body proportions and lifestyle before customizing an approach that will complement your frame and beauty needs. Breast implants are differentiated by their shape, texture, content, and volume.

Choosing your implant type:

There are two main types of implants, Saline and Silicone gel.

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water, providing a uniform shape and firm feel. If saline implants leak or rupture, the solution is absorbed by the body, and the breast will have a deflated appearance.
Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel and provide a natural feel to the breasts. Should the silicone implant rupture, the material may remain inside the implant shell or seep into the breast pocket, creating a deformed appearance.

Choosing the profile for your implants:

The projection of the implant – or the ‘profile’ determines how far the implant will extend from your chest. In other words, the profile will help define how you want your new curves to look. The lower the projection, the more subtle the overall look.

This profile is the smallest forward projection and is ideally suited to those with wider frames.

This is one of the most popular implant profiles. The implants give a rounded appearance with an enhanced, natural-looking volume. They are ideal for accentuating side breasts and wider curves to your silhouette while still providing a lovely projection.

These implants provide a more pronounced projection. Patients who are not looking to add width or more side breasts to enhance their figure and instead desire more noticeable curves to their side profile are ideal for high-profile implants.

These implants have the largest projection and are ideal for a prominent look and suit those who wish to maintain a narrower chest with an accentuated and pronounced depth.
Throughout 20+ years in aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Vanessa Wong have always been passionate about using their skills to impart a lasting, positive impact on the lives of their patients. With a feminine vision and understanding, they bring unique compassion and empathy to every procedure they perform.


When do you see the results?

Breast augmentation results can be seen immediately after surgery. Following the operation, your breasts may feel heavy and swollen for a few weeks until further healing. Though this will affect the initial result, breast augmentation recovery is pretty simple, and week by week you will see your final look begin to reveal itself. With improved shape, more size and enhanced feminine curves, you will feel more confident and authentic to your beauty.